One Night Ultimate Bonus Roles

انت تدفع: 10.5 KD

التوصيل اليوم بين الساعة 2 مساءا والساعة 11 مساءاّ

4 إلى 10 لاعبين
30 دقيقة

هذا المنتج توسعه للعبة ويروولف ، يجب ان يكون لديك احد الاجزاء السابقة لتستطيع ان تلعب بهذه التوسعة This is an expansion, we need at lease one of the One Night Ultimate to be able to play with it. One Night Ultimate Bonus Roles contains all the extra Roles, Artifact Tokens, and Number Tokens featured in the One Night Ultimate Bonus Packs (1-4), with the exception of alternative artwork cards. These roles can be integrated with any of the games in the One Night Ultimate series by Bezier Games. Roles Included: Aura Seer Cursed Prince Apprentice Tanner Beholder Thing (that goes bump in the night) Squire Body Snatcher Empath Nostradamus Family Man Windy Wendy Defender-er The Sponge Ricochet Rhino Innocent Bystander Artifacts Included: Bow of the Hunter Cloak of the Prince Sword of the Bodyguard Mist of the Vampire Dagger of the Traitor Alien Artifact Player Number Tokens: #11 #12

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