Magic Carpet

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 less than 30mn
 2 - 6 Players
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Children can now play a game that has a 'Magic' Flying Carpet!! As the carpet is 'flying', each player, in turn, pulls a hidden treasure from the bag, and uses their balancing skills, to place it on the flying carpet, without making the carpet crash to the ground! They must be careful, if any other treasure falls during their turn, that same player must then also place it back onto the carpet. There is also a penalty of having to draw a second treasure to place on the carpet, before the next player takes their turn. As the flying carpet becomes heaped with treasure, it is likely fall to the ground at any time! The aim is to be the last player who successfully placed treasure on the carpet, without making it fall!! Box Contains x 1Zephur the flying carpet x 32 pieces of treasure x 1 platform x1 hinged arm x1 bag x2 wires (1 replacement wire) x1 set of rules.

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