Uno Dice Game

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UNO Dice Game is a roll -and-write version of the UNO card game. Each player gets a marker and an individual player board. The object of the game is to be the first player to fill in all of the spaces on your board. On your turn, roll all 6 dice. You are allowed one reroll if you don't like the results. Then, arrange the dice in a chain by matching either color or number. The first die in your chain must match the number of the last number written on your board. For example, the last number on your board is a 5. Your chain could start with a red 5, then continue with a blue 5, a blue 3, and end with a blue 2. When you have finished creating your chain, write those numbers in the spaces on your player board. Finally, call out the color and number of the last die in your chain. Any player who is able to match that number to the last number written on their board may write it down. The player whose board matches the color of the number you called out can always write the number, even if it doesn't match. Use wilds, draw 1s and minus 1s to help yourself and hinder your opponents. The first player to fill in all the empty spaces on their board wins!

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